25 March 2014

We chat with Katrina Harrison - creator of blog 'Feeding two growing boys'

We really enjoy connecting with other local primal health enthusiasts and one such person we've been lucky enough to meet is Katrina Harrison, the creator of an amazing blog called Feeding Two Growing Boys.

Katrina is a lovely person, a wealth of health information and has kindly given her time to answer some questions for our blog so you too can get to know her and hopefully find inspiration in her and her family's health journey.

Us: Please tell us a bit about yourself and your health journey

KH: I am Mum to two boys aged nearly 4 and 5.5 years old and the owner /blogger /recipe developer / researcher of Feeding Two Growing Boys

I  always considered myself healthy, but like most people who have found the real food lifestyle, it took a major health crisis with my youngest to get us to where we are today. I am a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason and that the challenges presented to us as a family have allowed me to help others navigate their way through their own healing  journeys. It's been a long process but the results have been very rewarding.

Us: What is Feeding two growing boys all about and how did it start?

KHFeeding two growing boys is about sharing healthy REAL food recipes with like-minded people who are looking to eat additive, preservative and colour free food (and allergy friendly). Just the way nature intended.

I also have a specialised interest in gut health/healing diets (specialising in the Autoimmune Paleo diet)  the Paleo lifestyle, eczema and food allergies/intolerances as well as the overall role food plays in the way our bodies function. 

I had many friends ask me to share allergy friendly recipes in my own personal circle and it just made sense to beginning sharing these with anyone and everyone who could possibly benefit from the research and personal experiences I had been through with my youngest. So in September 2011 Feeding Two Growing Boys Facebook page was born and proudly has over 6,222 followers to date! 

It is a place I hope inspires, encourages and promotes a safe environment for discussion for Mums, Dads and carers who are navigating the scary world of having a child with life threatening food allergies and intolerances.

Us: What are your health and wellness goals for the future?

KHTo be happy and healthy - sounds clich├ęd but having nursed a child from his worst to now being a "normal" functioning child all I can wish for is a long and happy healthy life. If we can outgrow even one of his IgG (intolerances) or IgE responses (confirmed allergies) would be a bonus,  but if we don't  then that is ok too. 

To be able to raise two boys to be grateful, grounded and the healthiest they can be both physically and emotionally is my main goal in life. As a Mum I don't think I could ask for more. 

UsWhat advice would you give to people going through a similar situation to you?

KHAlways trust your gut instincts, they are rarely wrong. Doctors and specialists may have years of study behind them but they are not trained to look into a illness holistically and 9 times out of 10 give a bandaid fix and hope to be done with you. Knowing the power of food as medicine and everything you put into and onto your body plays a part in your overall health is key. Without a healthy gut your overall health is going to suffer and no pill or potion is going to make it go away. It takes hard work and commitment to reverse or manage an autoimmune condition and the rewards when you make the commitment are well worth it. 

Us: What is your favourite quote or affirmation and why?

KH"Nothing ever goes away until it teaches you what you need to know".  Pema Chodron

As I mentioned I am a firm believer in everything in life happens for a reason. Lachlan's health issues and all the challenges thrown my way in the last nearly 4 years, I believe have a greater purpose. It has allowed me to find my passion in helping others navigating their way through similar challenges and has made me appreciate even more so the little things in life. We still have a while to go and I am forever learning everyday something which is very exciting. 

Us: What is your favourite healthy meal to make for the family? 

KHEating real food means we eat a huge variety of what nature has to offer seasonally. The boys don't have much they won't eat or like (other than their allergies/intolerances) so I am very lucky in that sense!

I have had rave reviews from everyone (both children and adults) who have made my hidden fruit & veg chicken patties which can be found on the blog here  I developed the recipe after having a flurry of parents wanting to know how to get more fruit and veggies into their fussy children. These are a great addition to a nutrient dense breakfast, make a very easy school lunch and a quick and easy dinner option too. We always have some on hand in the fridge at our place. 

UsWhat are your favourite books, DVD’s, websites etc relating to health and wellness? And who inspires you?

KHAfter my boys, books are my next love. If it's interesting I will read it. I have many favourites from cookbooks to self help/motivational and of course books on Gut healing and holistic health. 

There are so many inspirational people out there in the health and holistic world it's hard to pin point one person who inspires me. I would have to say anyone out there who is spreading the word of real food gets my vote!

My daily inspiration is my boys , especially Lachlan (Master nearly 4).  He has been through so much in his life and has had so many diet changes, tests and eliminations done but takes it all in his stride. He recently told me he wants to be a chef who "cooks safe foods,  for people like me, and a fireman". I must be doing something right! :) 

My parents are also a great inspiration to me, from a young age I was taught to believe that I could achieve anything I put my mind too, something that has served me greatly in my years and every day I live my life  challenging myself to be a better person and Mum.

Us: How can people find out more?

KHYou can find us on Facebook, on the website where I blog recipes, book reviews, our story and progress, and blog posts, and on Pinterest :)

Us: Thanks Katrina, it was great chatting to you and getting to know you a bit better. We're sure others will find inspiration in your story and your journey and we appreciate what you do :)

-Clint & Aimee

20 March 2014

It's a miracle..!

Would you believe me if I told you Clint ate a whole lemon the other day and it actually tasted sweet like sugar?!

Yep, true story!

How is that possible? Lemons are super sour and tart and couldn't possibly taste sweet! Right..?

Well I'll tell you the secret.. first he ate a berry. 
The berry coated his mouth in this thing called Miraculin. 
Then he ate a lemon. 
The lemon tasted sweet. 
Sweet like sugar.


Ok so the story started about 3 years ago when we first moved to the Sunshine Coast, mum visited one day and we headed to Isabel Shippard's farm in Nambour for a looky at her famous herb collection.

At the time mum had been told by her holistic doctor to stop eating sugary fruit and only eat things like lemons, grapefruit, green apples, berries etc. While at the farm she spotted a plant called Miracle Fruit and noticed the tag which said that by eating the berry of this plant it would allow you to eat sour foods and they would then taste sweet in the mouth.

Mum was shocked. Could this really be possible?! She spoke to Isabel who confirmed that the plant would in fact have this effect. She thought it'd be perfect for her on her new eating plan.

So mum bought a seedling!

Isabel said the plant would take about 2 years to fruit. Mum wasn't fazed by this. She has a balcony with no yard, so she grew the seedling in a pot. She didn't actually research how to properly care for this plant, so it took a little longer before the plant finally bore fruit. It took about 3 years!

The plant just fruited the other day! Clint and I were visiting mum to help around the house and with cooking while her broken wrist heals and she was showing me her balcony and the progress of her plants as she usually does when I visit. 

Suddenly she spotted a little red berry under the foliage of the Miracle Fruit plant.

Could it be? A berry, finally?!

Yes indeedy!

Mum had been waiting so long to find a berry on the plant but she was a little hesitant about trying it for the intended purpose. 

So Clint took it upon himself to b e the guinea pig and gave it a go!

We researched on the net a bit before he took the plunge and ate the berry and every website we came across said there are no harmful effects or side-effects from consuming this fruit, that all it does it coats your mouth with Miraculin which then turns sour into sweet. 

This was enough info for Clint to try it...

He's eaten the berry and has a wedge of lemon in hand... here goes...

Wow, look at him hoeing into that lemon! He ate the WHOLE thing and easily too! He said it tasted like sugar. Amazing!!

Then he tried a swig of coconut vinegar, which is potent stuff. He said it still burned going down but the vinegar taste was totally replaced with a sweet flavour.

Mum's like "Ok I want another berry to hurry up and grow so I can try this!"!

Next step is to wait for the plant to finish fruiting, repot it with some tips found online, and let it flourish so it'll keep growing and provide more of these amazing little berries.

So this Miracle Fruit really is miraculous! And that's the end of this blog post!

We just had to share this neat little experience with you guys :)

For more info on this plant, what it's useful for and how to grow it visit these pages:

Grow Miracle Fruit


5 Things I'm Grateful For:

1. How amazing nature is
2. Growing my own organic plants and using their health properties
3. Autumn weather
4. Bone broth
5. The meetup group

12 March 2014

Camping is our fave kinda holiday

We love camping and we make it a point to go on a 2 or 3 night camping trip at least 2-3 times a year. 

Last week we went away for 3 nights but we hadn't been camping by ourselves for over a year! Um ma! So this was a very much long overdue holiday!

We usually go bush camping and choose to go on weekdays so we can enjoy as much peace and quiet among nature as possible (boy, won't that change when we have kids some day!). This trip we tried a new spot - Archer Creek Camp Area in the D'Aguilar National Park in South East QLD.

It was a great few days away and, as usual, went by far too quickly - we're already looking forward to the next trip!

Camping is by far our favourite type of holiday I guess mainly because it links in with our passion for living a primal lifestyle; being outside among nature, living without technology and many creature comforts, sitting by and cooking on a fire, the sounds of nature all around, breathing in the fresh country air, exploring, climbing and playing.. it feels really natural for us and really fulfilling also.

We had such a good time last week and saw some cool things so we thought why not share some snaps with you guys?!

Here they are...

Clint chopping firewood. Notice the 'workboots'?!

Camp site is all set up and a fire is crackling. Our awesome home for 4 days!

Dusk through the trees. What a sight.

Hello Mr Green Snake in a tree. One of many snakes we saw this trip!

Chook, veg and rosemary in the camp oven, ready to go into the fire pit to cook. YUM!
Camp oven in the fire pit, cooking us some awesome food!

Plenty of kookaburras kept us company over the 4 days and by the 3rd they were so friendly they came this close to us!
Beautiful scenery like this is one of the reasons we go camping in the country

Nothing beats brekkie of bacon and eggs cooked on the fire

Pretty tail feather left by one of our kookaburra friends - probably while they were trying to sneak in closer to steal some of our food!

Kayaking on Archer Creek alongside the camp ground. Crystal clear water.

Our camp oven paleo curry was so good that even the goanna's wanted some!

Shoo goanna, go on, get!

Where there's trees and grass there's Clint slacklining!

So that was our camping trip. It was so nice and so relaxing, we are SO looking forward to the next holiday!

Where do you like to go camping?


5 things I'm grateful for today:

1. Camping!
2. A bit of rain and a bit of sun while camping
3. Living so close to such beautiful places
4. Fishing and kayaking on stunning creeks and rivers
5. Getting away and recharging the batteries